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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The 405 Live 10-6 Podcast Rewind


Lee Stranahan @stranahan joins Liz Harrison @GoldwaterGal to talk about Obama and Katrina, AG Holder and Occupy, Pigford, and twitter wars.

The 405 Live Podcast Rewind Hour 1


Liz Harrison @GoldwaterGal Mike from @lmelephantblog Wayne Dupree @newsninja2012 talk about BLS BS, Romney/Obama and Ryan/Biden debate.  Stephanie Cutter walkback of $5T tax cut lie.  NAACP on south side of Chicago flipping on supporting Obama, and BSA denying Eagle Scout rank to a 17 year old who came out.

The 405 Live 10-6 Podcast Rewind Hour 2

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