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Saturday, June 8, 2013

The 405 Radio Has Moved To A New Site!

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Gang of 405 - 6/8



  • President Obama's Dragnet
  • Temp Staffing Soars With Obamacare Employer Avoidance
  • Is America in the Midst of a Coup D'etat?
  • AND MORE!!!

Amy Otto @caamyo

Tami Jackson @tamij 

John Grant @johng405

Wayne Dupree @NewsNinja2012

N.Scott Jones @NScottJtx

Eagle Guardians- 6/8


Eagle Guardians
We're the new guys. Money man and political activist Peter Leaman (@PeterLeaman1) and aspiring journalist Ben Cornaglia (@BCornaglia591) host a liberty-geared show every weekend- Saturday mornings at 9a ET/6a PT, touching on the news of the week and focusing on key issues with hopes that America's next generation doesn't become a lost generation.

This week:

  • The Rundown: 
    • Fourth amendment shakedown? Supreme Court rules DNA swabs okay for arrested, while the NSA is looking at your phone records- sparking backlash from both sides.
    • Obamacare- rates rise as popularity dwindles.
    • The depressing undertone of Marco Rubio's proposed constitutional amendment.
    • Chris Christie- every conservative's favorite punching bag pours gas on the flames.
    • ...much more from the IRS testimonies to the job report (it was a busy week)...
  • The Talk:
    • Government spending and education--- it's graduation time, but many kids don't even get that far. Federal (and state) money is poured into school programs but is it really making a difference?
    • Religion and politics- a healthy mix? Peter and Ben take on a controversial topic.
  • Liberal Myth of the Week: Security trumps liberty
Chip Bok

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Boris Hoffman, Karen Kenney, Diana Jimenez - 6/6


Boris Hoffman & Family

Boris Hoffman is the father of Gabriella and Anna Maria Hoffman, two young conservatives who grew up in southern California and now work in Virginia.  Mr. Hoffmann fled the USSR as a young man and came to the US, then fled California.  He talks about the comparisons to the old USSR and today's US, which many Americans are oblivious to.

Karen Kenney

Dr. Karen Kenney is a PhD in the San Fernando Valley of southern California, and more recently and famously the head of the San Fernando Valley Patriots and testified before Congress this week on the illicit and invasive audits by the IRS of her Tea Party organization.

Diana Jimenez

Diana Jimenez is a nursing student at Biola University in southern California, a Christian university which has nonetheless pushed back on her efforts to organize and promote a pro life group there.  She was threatened by university administration and security for showing a video depicting an abortion, and denied letters of recommendation from the nursing school.

All Over The Road With John Grant @johng405.  We throw anything and everything at the microphone and see what sticks.  We color outside the lines, think outside the box and swerve into any lane we want.

What happens next?  Well, we know how that movie ends.

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PocketCast of Liberty - June 6, 2013 - 10pm EST


Jay Caruso - @jaycaruso
Amy Otto - @caamyo
SR Mann - @sevenlayercake
Neal Dewing - @neal_dewing

With special guest

Rick Wilson @therickwilson

Topics For 6/06/13

Number of employed people in the United States at a 30 year low

IRS Wastes Money - What about the abuse of conservative organizations?

10 Best Written TV Series of All Time 

As always, we will close out the show with the "Goofball Tweet of The Week"

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pro-Life Activisit and Survivor Ryan Bomberger joins the Wayne Dupree Show w/Stacy Rush 6/5 - 8-9pm EST


Ryan Bomberger likes to dialogue. He likes to create. He likes to research and learn. He loves to reach out to those in need. And he loves to inspire. Audience across the country have lauded Ryan’s speeches and multimedia presentations. His personal story of adoption, shattering the myth of the “unwanted” child, and ability to address some of the uncomfortable issues of life have resonated with millions. From large conferences to college campuses, mega-churches to small group settings, Ryan speaks to hundreds of thousands each year about a myriad of social issues. Whether addressing abortion, adoption, poverty, family, pop culture, creativity, race issues, civil rights, or character development, everything is presented with a fearless yet freeing approach.

Ryan’s passion for people was instilled by parents who adopted 10 children many said would be “unloved”. The nay-sayers were wrong. And now the world is getting to know this adoptee, adoptive father and Emmy® Award winning creative professional who loves to tell the world of the beauty of Possibility. Everywhere Ryan speaks, people are drawn by his powerful ability to communicate with passion, humor and irresistible emotion.

Join us here Monday-Wednesday night from 8-9 pm est. Call in to speak to us (877) 297-8022 or email in questions for our guest at Show starts on time at 8pm est/5pm pst

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stacy Rush Returns!!! Ryan Demolishes McDermott on the Hill; Stephanie Cutter trips Obama on IRS on The Wayne Dupree Show 8-9pm EST


Tonight, my co-host Stacy Rush returns and we have a full slate to go through and get her back into the thick of things.

Today's topics include:
  • Paul Ryan Blasts Dem McDermott For Claiming IRS Investigation
  • Jay Carney No Evidence That Outsiders Outside the IRS Influenced the Behavior There
  • Stephanie Cutter Attended Meetings with IRS Chief Shulman At the White House
  • NBC's Tom Brokaw Tough To See How Holder Stays as AG
  • Star Jones Compares Online Commenters to KKK
Join us here Monday-Wednesday night from 8-9 pm est. Call in to speak to us (877) 297-8022 or email in questions for our guest at Show starts on time at 8pm est/5pm pst