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Friday, June 7, 2013

Eagle Guardians- 6/8


Eagle Guardians
We're the new guys. Money man and political activist Peter Leaman (@PeterLeaman1) and aspiring journalist Ben Cornaglia (@BCornaglia591) host a liberty-geared show every weekend- Saturday mornings at 9a ET/6a PT, touching on the news of the week and focusing on key issues with hopes that America's next generation doesn't become a lost generation.

This week:

  • The Rundown: 
    • Fourth amendment shakedown? Supreme Court rules DNA swabs okay for arrested, while the NSA is looking at your phone records- sparking backlash from both sides.
    • Obamacare- rates rise as popularity dwindles.
    • The depressing undertone of Marco Rubio's proposed constitutional amendment.
    • Chris Christie- every conservative's favorite punching bag pours gas on the flames.
    • ...much more from the IRS testimonies to the job report (it was a busy week)...
  • The Talk:
    • Government spending and education--- it's graduation time, but many kids don't even get that far. Federal (and state) money is poured into school programs but is it really making a difference?
    • Religion and politics- a healthy mix? Peter and Ben take on a controversial topic.
  • Liberal Myth of the Week: Security trumps liberty
Chip Bok

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