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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Boris Hoffman, Karen Kenney, Diana Jimenez - 6/6


Boris Hoffman & Family

Boris Hoffman is the father of Gabriella and Anna Maria Hoffman, two young conservatives who grew up in southern California and now work in Virginia.  Mr. Hoffmann fled the USSR as a young man and came to the US, then fled California.  He talks about the comparisons to the old USSR and today's US, which many Americans are oblivious to.

Karen Kenney

Dr. Karen Kenney is a PhD in the San Fernando Valley of southern California, and more recently and famously the head of the San Fernando Valley Patriots and testified before Congress this week on the illicit and invasive audits by the IRS of her Tea Party organization.

Diana Jimenez

Diana Jimenez is a nursing student at Biola University in southern California, a Christian university which has nonetheless pushed back on her efforts to organize and promote a pro life group there.  She was threatened by university administration and security for showing a video depicting an abortion, and denied letters of recommendation from the nursing school.

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