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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gang of 405 - 12/15

Mike Ohanian @lmelephantblog Amy Otto @CAAmyO Liz Harrison @GoldwaterGal Tami Jackson @tamij Jon Rollings @jon_rollings host.
The latest on the shooting in Newtown, CT, and the predictable hue and cry for gun control from Nanny Bloomberg and the Mayor of Boston.  Problems with legal pot in Denver.  Sen Patrick Leahy wants 1 oz. legal nationwide. Steven Crowder getting threats.  The unedited video did not show him provoking anyone.  More on the McRib.  Do you want to know how it's made?  Bobby Jindal say make BC OTC to stop Dem-agoguing.  Unions threaten MI Governor's kid's soccer game.  Domino's Tom Monahagn sues Feds over BC. FL and PA are the latest states to say nyet to Obamacare exchanges.  Does Obama care?

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