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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tami Jackson Show - 12/4

 Tami talks to Yoni Tidi, who has studied and fought Islamic terrorism for 20 years. Also calling in was Lee Rodgers, USAF Maj Gen (Retired), MD, CMO North Central Baptist Hospital San Antonio, TX.

Israel Palestinians Protest
My guest Tuesday night, December 4th, was Yoni Tidi, a friend and Orthodox Jew with 20 years in Special Ops and anti-terrorist experience with Israel, plus years in law enforcement here in the states. Yoni is an American citizen, as well as an Israeli citizen, and never shies away from straight talk. Please listen to the podcast and share!
Yoni's blog address is:
I certainly hope to have Yoni on again as events transpire in the Middle East, indeed Egypt is on the precipice of violent overthrow as I write this.
I have a heart for Israel, and hope to inform the general populace what this tiny country the size of El Salvador, from which so much good has sprung, is up against. Hamas, the many Arab states, Al Qaeda and other Islamic terror groups, all want Israel gone. Period. And those same groups have no love for America.
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