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Thursday, February 14, 2013

All Over The Road - 2/14

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John Grant @johng405 hosts and guest is Dan Gainor @DanGainor

Dan is the Vice President of the Culture and Media Institute.  We talk about the media’s reaction to Marco Rubio’s “Watergate”  and his op-ed for Fox about:

We'll also talk about the media’s reaction to the SOTU.

Finally, Dan said that since it’s Valentine’s Day, we'll talk about a themed piece on how the Left likes to celebrate Valentine’s Day:

10:30 We welcome Sam Rosado @sarosado and Brittney Morrett @bmorrett

Sam and Brittney have been all over the Rubio vs. Rand dust up.  We'll talk about outreach, bilingualism, establishment Republicans and growing or shrinking "the base."

All Over The Road With John Grant.  We throw anything and everything at the microphone and see what sticks.  We color outside the lines, think outside the box and swerve into any lane we want.

What happens next?  Well, we know how that movie ends.

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