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Monday, February 18, 2013

Tackling Today's Freed Democratic Slaves like Sheila Jackson Lee on the Wayne Dupree Show - 2/18

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Sheila Jackson-Lee is not one of the smartest cookies in the jar in the House of Representatives but what she did last week with her statement about being a freed slave speaks to the continued "slave-thinking" that the Democratic party pushes on it's black minorities. What better way to speak on the subject than using the Conservative Brotherhood tonight on the Wayne Dupree Show.


Marc, Benin and I will be speaking on this and many other news topics from this weekend such as:
  • Barack ObeyMe claiming that this is the most transparent administration in history
  • ObamaCare and the Midwest
  • Our Perspective - WHY CAN'T WASHINGTON GET ALONG??
  • Why don't liberals read anymore and is this why they continue to be in the dark on political issues?
Tonight's call-in number is 877-297-8022. Wayne, Benin and Marc will be online between 8-9pm EST/5-6pm PST. We look forward to hearing your calls.

Benin Brown (@BeninB)
Wayne Dupree (@Newsninja2012)
Marc Turner

If you have any questions for us or any of the guest, please email us at In the subject of your email, address it Questions for the Conservative Brotherhood.

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