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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Conservative Brotherhood Part II - Taking your Calls on the Wayne Dupree Show - 2/5

Tonight, the Conservative Brotherhood returns to the 405 Radio to take your calls. We welcome liberals, conservatives, libertarians, independents to call in and talk. We don't mind conversations but hold off on the disrespect or you can find yourself talking to Mr Clickoff.

Tonight's call-in number is 877-297-8022. Wayne, Benin and Marc will be online between 8-9pm EST/5-6pm PST. We look forward to hearing your calls. Quick facts about us:

Benin Brown (@BeninB) is a family man whose background is in marketing. He is a Christian, a husband and a father of two girls. His interests lie in branding, US history and speaking to issues that affect the nation at large. Although he once counted himself amongst the liberals, today Benin considers himself a dyed in the wool conservative.

Wayne Dupree (@Newsninja2012) is 100% committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more. He also wants to expose the media for the dirt bag politics that they employ on a daily basis and how they rip us off by not giving up the correct news to be well-informed voters."

Marc Turner's ultimate goal is to educate all that are coach-able and trainable in all things that concern the longevity of "Life". Never one to follow the pack and always trying to find the fun in any situation, Marc has the ability to make things happen as long as it does not bore him.


  1. Excellent show. Just listened on the podcast. I will be calling in soon!

    -Dave (@ddombrowsky)