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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tres Bardena and Mike Carroll appear on The Wayne Dupree Show feat Conservative Brotherhood - 2/12

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Tonight, we have a special treat! Tonight, the Conservative Brotherhood interviews two influential individuals on Twitter and YouTube alike. Tres Berden has a unique message that is always challenged from the liberal left while Mike Carroll's message is so hard-hitting, the liberal left despises him telling the truth about their incompetence and slave dependency on the Democratic Party. Both of these individuals are not afraid to mix it up with the left. Carroll, the only way I can introduce Mike is with his videos on Youtube. Mike Carroll who is also affectionately known as 5723michael is a powerhouse that has a large following that agree with his straight to the fact points. Mike teaches government politics, has a Master's Degree in Political Science Undergrad History, and single. Mike consistently exposes Black Americans lust to blame white folks for all their self inflicted problems. I love this man’s message and he is one of the few that I wait on the edge of my seat until his next video. I love his boldness and how he brings the facts. You might be mad at how he speaks it but you can’t dispute it.

Follow Mike Carroll at @5723michael on Twitter

Tres Berden (@Tresidential) lives in New Jersey and is a 39-yr-old truck driver who's been a truth-seeking conservative-libertarian since early 2009. His conversion started in 2008 when I discovered conservative talk-radio which was the first time in my life that I'd heard an alternate view and without it I may have stayed on the wrong side longer. Proud Tea Party member now! Tresidential has a twitter base that he stays in contact with that loves his postings and knowledge.

Follow Tres at @tresidential on Twitter

Tonight's call-in number is 877-297-8022. Wayne, Benin and Marc will be online between 8-9pm EST/5-6pm PST. We look forward to hearing your calls.

Benin Brown (@BeninB)
Wayne Dupree (@Newsninja2012)
Marc Turner

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