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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Wayne Dupree Show w/Conservative Brotherhood - 2/11

The Conservative Brotherhood Returns to the tonight for a jammed pack hour show discussing today's important topics from a conservative point of view you are not used to hearing. Wayne, Benin and Marc are individuals not afraid to voice their opinions on the injustice of the Democratic Party while chastising the Republican party for not standing up on issues.

These two brothers, along with myself, comprise the Conservative Brotherhood - seeking to destroy predetermined ideas by liberals about black conservatives. White and black liberals have this condescending manner toward black conservatives, that we need to have approval from our quote unquote, I guess “masters,” for us to be able to speak — see that’s where the true racism really lies… is with these liberals who don’t want to see someone such as ourselves who have broken away from their dependency class and who is able to expose the liberal policies that are destroying the black community. Meet the Conservative Brotherhood!

  • Cop Killer Getting Sympathy from Liberal Democrats. Where has our nation gone! Can It Come back?
  • Dr Ben Carson's public appearance being turned into attack on Obama - Democrats asking was it appropriate for him to speak to Obama like that?
  • What's is seriously keeping minorities from leaving Democratic party?
  • Black Families taking Donald Duck to Court because he wouldn't hug their child
Tonight's call-in number is 877-297-8022. Wayne, Benin and Marc will be online between 8-9pm EST/5-6pm PST. We look forward to hearing your calls.

Benin Brown (@BeninB)
Wayne Dupree (@Newsninja2012)
Marc Turner

If you have any questions for us, email us at In the subject of your email, address it Questions for the Conservative Brotherhood.

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