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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Author, Conservative Blogger Talitha McEachin, Education Warrior Pastor Shannon Wright Join Wayne Dupree Show - 5/1


WEDNESDAY'S HOSTS: Wayne Dupree (@newsninja2012), Stacy Rush (@discoveringme40) and Christopher Harris (@BlackSheepDawg)

I told you that we do not have a War on Women here! Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you two movers and shakers in the Conservative movement. Both are here by different paths but thankfully they are here. Talitha has superb writing skills and has been requested by many online publications to write for them at various times. She also has published a book and speaks at events. Pastor Wright will be part of the AtLarge Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana May 30-31. Pastor Shannon makes no bones about it, Education is the key that's where the battle is. Listen to see what her solutions are and how she plans to implement change.

Wednesday Show Bios:

8:15pm - 8:30pm Talitha McEachin, Author, Columnist, Blogger, Freelance Writer

Talitha K. McEachin is a Christian Conservative Libertarian & member of the Republican & Tea Parties. Her  articles have appeared on numerous political blogs/sites including that of CDN radio show host Kira Davis,, Yahoo News Network and Herman Cain’s , as well as the various political groups on social media outlets. She is well known for her candid opinions, humor & apologetics for the Conservative cause & the Christian faith. Talitha, an Atlanta native, studied Biology & Philosophy at Georgia State University.She is an editorial writer for Black Literature magazine & the first novel in her fantasy series, The Elements, is due to be released in 2013. She also hosts the internet radio show “Book Reads” every Sunday featuring published writers from all genres.You can learn more about her writing & radio show

8:35pm - 8:50pm Pastor Shannon Wright, Author of The Last Civil Right, Education Reform

Through the ministry Pastor Wright s looking to improve public education for minority students and create avenues to improve the life of youth in general. The Wrights have developed a charter school curriculum for leadership and social change for use in our urban centers.

Currently Pastor is heavily involved The Marriage Project whichi is the ministry marriage program for engaged and recently married couples and has been approached to turn the program into a television show. Also keeping her busy are her 3 radio shows.

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