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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Conservative Writer Donyln Turnbull and Everybody's Patriot Bruce Carroll join the Wayne And Stacy Show on Tuesday Nite - 4/9


Tuesday night is more like a family affair for me. At CPAC 2013, I found long lost family members that I didn't know I had. I am speaking about Donlyn Turnbull and Bruce Carroll. I value their friendship and their patriotism. My twin sister Donlyn Turnbull's story is almost comparable to mine just two weeks earlier. She met Andrew Breitbart who lit a match in her warrior lamp and she's been running ever since. Bruce also known as the Gay Patriot stands up for everyday for conservatism which is a testament to the backlash he must face. Someone that I treasure and would back no matter what!


Donlyn began by writing for the site DS&P Magazine, a Maxim style magazine for conservative politics. Breitbart found the site and reached out to Donlyn, asking her to contribute to, which she had the fortune of doing only about four weeks before Andrew's death.  Since then, she has also been published the Washington Times and is now a contributor to Right Wing News as well as her own site

Donlyn is a frequent guest on nationwide radio programs. She is working on publishing her first book about how we are only promised the right to the PURSUIT of happiness not the right OF happiness.

Donlyn is also a real single mom, unlike Michelle Obama, with two awesome kids and two crazy cats. When not writing, she loves traveling and trying as many new foods as humanely possible.  Especially the fattening ones.

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BRUCE CARROLL - President and Founder of Patriot Consulting

Bruce has been involved in politics and government since he was 14 years old, growing up in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Bruce was also elected as the youngest borough councilman in the State of Pennsylvania at age 21 in 1992. Bruce also worked for the Pennsylvania State Republican Party and PA Senate Senator Earl M. Baker in the early 1990s.

For ten years, Bruce helped create and manage one of the healthcare industry’s top-rated national advocacy teams. Patriot Consulting also aligns with a national firm, who has 26 field-based media, social media and ally development staff covering all 50 states.

In September 2004, Bruce launched the successful conservative political blog – GayPatriot. The GayPatriot blog was an original member of the PajamasMedia blogger network and one of the longest-running conservative blogs in the United States. GayPatriot receives approximately 80,000 visitors each month and has had over five million unique visitors since its launch.

In 2009, Bruce became the Treasurer and co-founder of the newly formed gay conservative group, GOProud.  Bruce was elected to the position of Vice Chairman of GOProud in January, 2012.

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  1. I wish Donlyn would do an article on the George Zimmerman self defense case as the epitome of how to start a race war...a very delicate and edgy subject that needs to be addressed
    (I didn't realize there are so many conservatives)