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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Liz Thatcher - 4/11




Liz Wheeler

Brady Cremeens

One of the few conservatives under the age of 30 I trust.  Liz just co-authored an ebook called Young, Conservative, and Why It's Smart to be Like us.  I'll link to it when I can, since that's how I roll. The co-authors reads like Who's Who Among Conservative Whippersnappers:

Allen Ginzberg Brady Cremeens Brandon Morse Daniel Webb Dina Fraioli Erin Brown Gabby Hoffman Kate Shaw Kevin Eder Liberty Betts Liz Thatcher Liz Wheeler Mary Chastain R.J. Moeller

Liz fled flyover country to become a diva/activist in DC

All Over The Road With John Grant @johng405.  We throw anything and everything at the microphone and see what sticks.  We color outside the lines, think outside the box and swerve into any lane we want.

What happens next?  Well, we know how that movie ends.

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