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Monday, May 6, 2013

Author C Edmund Wright and Political Activist Derrick Grayson Join the Wayne Dupree Show w/Stacy Rush Wed Night 8-9pm EST


Join us in welcoming Both C Edmund Wright and Political Activist Derrick Grayson on our Wednesday night Radio Show. Both individuals are 100% bonafide to touch your heart with their stories and their commitment to speak truth to power. Wright wrote a magnificent book entitled "WTF? How Karl Rove and the Establishment Lost...Again," which I think everyone should read......Derrick gave Stacy and myself a copy at CPAC 2013! Derrick Grayson is a unique individual. He has a very good following that support him and he gives some of the greatest reviews on Obama's administration on YouTube. He's well known in the state of Georgia and just announced an exploratory commitment for the US Senate!

Check out our Wednesday Night Guest Bios

C. Edmund Wright - 8:15pm - 8:30pm EST

C. Edmund Wright is an accomplished national columnist and coveted natural speaker whose business experiences and ability to connect the dots resonates with readers and conference goers alike.  Comfortable on his feet, Wright has given keynote speeches and single handedly moderated a Presidential debate. His experiences in business, polling and political communications gives him peerless insight into the issues of the day.

His work with the liberal elites of SC in a polling and focus group gives him inside experience dealing with the liberal mindset. He has been called an “exceptionally talented writer” and “brilliant and very funny” by Rush Limbaugh.

In addition to his writing for American Thinker (, Wright is also working on a book with Presidential Candidate Herman Cain and spent nearly three years as one of the very rare ghost writers for a major (and I do mean major) radio talk show host.   Mixing a ton of real world experience with an astounding ability to use analogy and stories to tie up seemingly loose ends, Wright mixes in the right amount of a sharp wit into his talks and his articles to magnify impact.

When not writing or speaking, Wright lives with his wife Jennings and his three children in Raleigh, NC(ok, one child is grown and another is in college) and tends to a number of business interests.  He enjoys basketball, water skiing and weight lifting along with being a picky consumer of sushi.  Serious about his Christian faith, he firmly belives that some of God’s best handy work is somewhere between the Florida Keys and the Virgin Islands.

 Derrick Grayson - 8:35pm - 8:50pm EST

Minister Derrick Grayson is a minister and much-sought after speaker with a fresh word for today's issues. His youtube channel,  TMOTOFGA, boasts 11,000+ subscribers and he has a fast-growing church. On weekends, Derrick loves to embody the musical spitit of Jimi Hendrix on the stage with his band, The AXIS Experience.

Minister Grayson, by profession is a veteran Sr. Network Engineer in the Transportation Industry, an Application Developer for the Law Enforcement Profession and a Technical Trainer. By leveraging those skills along with his knowledge of Multimedia Content Production and Web Development, he has created a web presence for himself on various Social Media Networks and self hosted websites via his own data center. Check it out at

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