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Sunday, May 19, 2013

#PodcastCon2013 - ABCs of Whatever


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It's politics, politics and more politics on today's show. We welcome a new guest, Cory Vecchiarino, and holy crap is he Libertarian. Cory joins us to talk about the ongoing scandals in the Obama administration and to warn us of the dangers of Big Gov't. Thanks to Freddie D for the kind donation, Ren Garcia for buying the last bumper sticker, and Ren Reece for giving Curt the feeling that there's still hope for him. Also be sure to check out The Clutch And Wiggle Experience and

The Players The ABC’s Of Whatever are Andy, Bill and Chris, three buddies who worked together in Punta Gorda, Florida.

 This is Chris. He’s the “C” of the ABC’s Of Whatever and he fixes dishwashers. He has a beautiful wife and daughter and lives in Port Charlotte.

 This is Andy, he’s in Pittsburgh. He’s a night owl. He is the creator of “Andy’s Soundtrack,” a feature of our show.

And this is Bill…he’s not well.

And below is Curt, a few years and pounds ago.


  1. I was appraised by the Washington State Department of Revenue which I thought was strange. My hubby's name is Bill and my daughter is Billie and she was audited three years in a row and she is a College student single mom and she ended up owing them almost ten grand-She paid every penny. It was horrible for her...I think she got punished because I speak out against my government- I will never forget what the IRS guy said: "I know you". I said how do you know me?..He said: " I read your letters all the time."I thought it was an odd statement!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I forwarded it to the guys. I can tell you there's nothing like lobbing these things out there and wonder who's listening and what they think!