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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Match Game Thursday Night - 5/9



Get Ready To Match The Stars!

  • He’s the Yid With the Lid - blogger and Jewish conservative, Jeff Dunetz  
  • Columnist for  Townhall-dot-com and Contributor to Breitbart's The Conversation -- it’s Lisa DePasquale
  • He’s Super, he’s Mexy, and he’s conservative -- Twitter’s own SooperMexican.
  • She’s the right hook from the Left Coast, contributing editor at Pocketful of Liberty – Amy Otto
  • PJTV’s one and only VodkaPundit, the always barely sober... Stephen Green
  • And blogger, podcaster, singer and one-time Jeopardy contestant its Twitter’s @JIMMIEBJR - Jimmy Bise


And as always, I’m GayPatriot and I’ll be your host for the show! TUNE IN AT THE 405 RADIO NETWORK at 9PM sharp! (click player in the right sidebar)

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