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Thursday, March 28, 2013

All Over The Road - 3/28



Young Wisconsin Conservative Benjamin Backer.

Young GOP volunteer juggles homework and canvassin...

Benji Backer was an EARLY panelist on The 405 Radio (we're bragging...get over it!) and he's not content to rest on his laurels.  He was a activism dynamo during the Scott Walker recall campaign, and worked for the campaign of his local assemblyman and national Republican campaigns in Wisconsin in 2012. His latest in Freedomworks is bound to turn the Public School edu-bureaucracy on its ear.  We'll talk about that as well as the latest and greatest on the political scene in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

All Over The Road With John Grant @johng405.  We throw anything and everything at the microphone and see what sticks.  We color outside the lines, think outside the box and swerve into any lane we want.

Then, at 9:30, Canadian journalist and commentator Ezra Levant.

Mr. Levant wrote extensively about a Canadian Supreme Court decision that many believe casts biblical passages as hate speech.  Yeah, it has to do with gay rights.  Many Americans believe SSM laws are gateway legislation to allow the government to attack churches and the Bible.

What happens next?  Well, we know how that movie ends.

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