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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Jury is Out

Welcome to another episode of Technically, That's Illegal.

The episode begins with a discussion about jury duty and the possibility of requiring an intelligence test to participate. 

Then, I discuss a bill that proposes to outlaw anonymous posts on the internet.

The grumpy neighbor award this week goes to a code enforcement officer who went overboard in his citation of an elderly man for "a small stain" on the side of his house.

The safety segement this week talks about the fact that hand sanitizer is flammable. 


Breathtaking level of ignorance on juries

A bill proposes to make anonymous internet posts illegal

Code enforcement is probably worse than any grumpy neighbor you might have

Hand sanitizer catches fire, burns girl

Should we ban eating in restaurants?

Sanitization or Stupidization by Karen De Coster

Liberty in Exile podcast

Drying your hands is important

A summary of my jury duty experience in 2010

Check out this episode!

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