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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Recap of CPAC2013 and How Liberals are trying to take it down through racism on the Wayne and Stacy Show - 3/19

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Tonight we get back into the conference that was CPAC 2013. Tonight my partner Stacy Rush returns with her summary, her take on how the Conservative Political Action Conference went down. Stacy Rush traveled with the Brenner Brief assemble that covered the conference and we didn't even see each other until the Tea Party Patriots party later Friday evening. We also participated on the David Webb Show LIVE edition from CPAC 2013.

Other topics for the evening:
  1. Harry Ried blames the explosion that killed 7 marines on the sequester, while the military hits back hard
  2. Conservative Bloggers - How important are they to the movement
  3. Kim Brown Talks - The black woman intent on bringing down CPAC 2013 went there for a purpose. Listen to Wayne Dupree's take on what really happened.
Tuesday night's call-in number is 877-297-8022. Stacy and I will be online between 8-9pm EST/5-6pm PST. We look forward to hearing your calls. If you can't call in, send us your question via tweet.

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