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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Tami Jackson Show - 3/26/13


My guest tonight will be Bill Diss at 7 PM PT 10 PM ET

Bill Diss has his Masters in Electrical Engineering and worked for 21 years in the high tech industry, was a recipient of a US Patent, and wrapped up his career at Intel where he was the project manager of one of the first personal music playing devices.

During this time Mr. Diss also taught engineering classes at University of Colorado and mathematics at Portland Community College where he continues to teach.

Encouraged by a former Intel engineer, Bill began teaching at Benson Polytechnic in 2002, a position he describes as his "best job."

Recently Bill Diss came under fire after not allowing Planned Parenthood workers access to his classroom. Subsequently, Bill was placed on paid leave March 19, recommended for dismissal, given a few minutes to collect his things then escorted out of the school by police.

Bill is a Catholic who lives out his faith...which at present puts him at odds with the agenda of Planned Parenthood.

Join us as Bill tells the full story! Call in with questions or sentiments of support: this fine teacher and model citizen is suddenly on the front lines of the culture war and the battle for our children, both born and pre-born.


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