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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dan Bongino and The man to challenge Chris Christie, Seth Grossman Join the Wayne and Stacy Show on Monday Night - 4/1


The Wayne and Stacy Show is not slowing down one bit. This week we have today's conservative young guns who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in and run for office. Both of these individuals were not successful in the last election but they haven't given up either. Both are moving forward. One continues to do it again while the other looks to change the landscape for the 2014/2016 elections.

Young Conservative Dan Bongino has been very
active since November loss
Daniel has both the academic and real world experience to immediately lead in these difficult times. His extensive studies in Psychology and Economics combined with his real world experiences in the inner cities of Baltimore and New York City give him a unique perspective regarding the problems of the citizens of Maryland. Daniel believes in real answers and straight talk and plans to challenge the political establishment directly on the important issues of the day.

You can connect with Dan Bongino on Twitter > @DBongino


Grossman has a steep hill to climb but he has
something Chris Christie doesn't have - Conservativism
Restore Republican Principles

That is the mantle that Seth Grossman is riding to challenge Chris Christie for the Governorship of New Jersey in 2014.

Seth Grossman graduated from Duke University and Temple Law School after completing public school in Atlantic City. As a student, he worked every summer since age 14 from washing dishes to driving a cab. He was in the Army National Guard unit at the Atlantic City Armory for six years.

Seth Grossman’s views on public issues are known and respected throughout South Jersey. He hosted talk radio programs on South Jersey’s leading stations since 2001.  In 2003, he founded,  an education organization that explains the meaning of New Jersey’s motto and how only basic principles of American liberty can put an end to New Jersey’s destructive “pay to play” political culture.

From 2009 to 2011, Grossman taught “Introduction to Government and Politics at Atlantic Cape Community College. Grossman wrote a weekly political column  in the print and on-line editions of the Current Newspapers of Atlantic County which was read by more than 50,000 people each week.

You can connect with Seth on his website

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