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Monday, March 25, 2013

Future Conservative Leader Shawn Haught and CPAC Exec Director Gregg Keller Join the Wayne Dupree Show - 3/26


Future Conservative Leader Shawn Haught imp

Stacy Rush (Brenner Brief), my co-host and I met this young man at CPAC 2013 and were so impressed with him and his clear understanding of politics we let him know that we had to get him on our show so that others could know who he was and how he thought.

Shawn Haught is a nineteen year old young conservative college student from Maryland. He is also an Eagle Scout. Shawn’s has been interested in politics since the 2008 election between John McCain/Sarah Palin and Barack Obama/Joe Biden, but has really only been following politics closely since 2011. His current major in school is Government and Public policy, and he intends  to attend Law School after finishing my undergrad degree.

The fight again the liberal propaganda machine is a daily struggle for me having grown up in leftist Maryland as well as waging a ideology war with the professors in Academia. Shawn has hopes to someday hold public office in order to help restore America to her former glory.

Check Shawn on Twitter - @shawnhaught

Previously, Keller served as the National Executive Director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition (FFC), one of the country’s largest social conservative public policy organizations, with more than 500,000 members and affiliates in 24 states. FFC was founded by Chairman Ralph Reed in late 2009. In 2010 FFC helped turnout the largest electoral participation by social conservative voters ever seen in a non-Presidential election. FFC executed 58.8 million voter contacts to social conservative households in 2010, educating and turning out their voters in 24 states and 111 races. Election night polling by Public Opinion Strategies showed that 32% of all voters in 2010 self-identified as Christian conservatives, the highest number ever recorded for a non-Presidential election.

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