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Thursday, March 14, 2013

This week's: Direct Snap w/Mickey White

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This week I will be overcoming my envy of those hanging together at CPAC in DC by hanging out with you and a few of my favorite peeps. Sarah Desprat and Jay Caruso.  Both are new media warriors for the right, each bringing their own unique perspective and medium to the conversation and I'm lucky enough to have them on tonight, live starting at 10PM EST.   

A little about my guests...
Sarah Desprat 

Sarah Desprat was born and raised in and around Chicago, and she majored in biology at Grinnell College. She came a bit late to the world of politics, but, thanks to her awesome parents and reality, when she did get there, she was on the right side of the aisle.

For some reason, she decided to move to the D.C. area, where she made some great friends but quickly learned that Washington is a pretty unpleasant place. 

She now lives in Colorado, where the air is fresh, the mountains are majestic, and her man @punchenstein occasionally cooks her dinner. She's thrilled to have the opportunity to combine two of her favorite pastimes, Twitter and snarkage, into a job as editor at

She enjoys eating (but she's picky), cooking, sleeping, and complaining. And a few other things. Oh, and "Red Eye." She loooooves "Red Eye." Hates include football, taxes, and writing about herself. Someday, she hopes to get some dogs and guns and meet the Robertsons from "Duck Dynasty." And while she's imagined doing it many times, she's never actually given anyone the finger. She did, however, eat an entire bag of beef jerky in 7th grade.

You can follow her on Twitter at @sarahbellumd and send her any dark chocolate you have lying around.

Jay Caruso

Jay lives with this wife of nearly 18 years in the Atlanta with their two kids, Michael (16) and Ally (15) and their crazy dog Lucky. When Jay is not talking/writing about politics or shooting photos, he works as a supply chain analyst at The Home Depot. Born in New York, he is a fan of  the Giants, Rangers, Knicks and especially the NY Yankees. Jay identifies himself as a conservative with a big libertarian streak.

 On March 18th, Jay and a group of writers will be launching the blog, Pocket Full Of Liberty. It will feature commentary from people with differing views about some areas of public policy. What you won't find are purity tests, shouts of "RINO!" and big L libertarian sniping. They all want to win.
Follow Jay on Twitter: @JayCaruso 

Keep up with my every thought on Twitter--->>  @BiasedGirl

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